April 2018 Gage Report

It’s here! OTC 2018! Starts Monday, April 30! It can’t be a year already, can it? The Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, TX is here. Come celebrate 50 years of OTC with us! Make sure to stop by our Booth #8453 to learn all about the new API 5B Thread Specifications and how we can […]


March 2018 Gage Report

MRP SPEC 5B APP RELEASED! Ovality & Standoff Calculator The release of API’s Sixteenth Edition of the 5B Specification created questions for many of you. Well, Gagemaker has a new FREE tool to help you. Crest diameter and thread ovality are new inspection requirements. Gagemaker’s MRP® and MRP AIR® Gages inspect crest diameter and ovality […]

Gage Tip of the Month

April 2016

Typically, if an internal threaded part is cut too large (too much material removed during threading), it ends up being rejected or scrapped. Because API RSC threads are tapered, moving the shoulder back makes the “over-sized” thread essentially “smaller.” When cutting/inspecting an internal API box rotary shouldered connection, it is not necessary to scrap the […]

Specialty Items

Coupling Alignment Internal Deep Reach Bore Internal deep reach bore gages allow the difficult measuring of pitch diameter deep inside a small diameter product. For measuring larger deep diameters, contact point extension rods can be attached. The DB series of gages are our internal deep reach bore gages. One set of contact points and one […]