5B Update: New TDWin Taper

TDWIN TAPER THREAD SOFTWARE UPGRADE NOW AVAILABLE Due to the recent publications of API 5B Sixteenth Edition and API 7-2 Second Edition, Gagemaker has released TDWIN Taper 2.0 upgrade. Gagemaker’s TDWIN Taper™ software simplifies the API specifications that control connection quality with All the necessary details to machine, inspect and document tubular connection threads. Features: […]

5B Update: Angle & Form

API 5B 5.6 ANGLE & THREAD FORM MEASUREMENT Per API 5B 5.6.2, thread form and angles “shall be assessed with an Optical Comparator/Profile Projector[…]” Further, 5.6.4 requires “comparing the thread profile image with that of a toleranced overlay.”  Mitutoyo Optical Comparator and Gagemaker Overlay For all 5B threads listed under section 4.9, measuring form and angle are now mandated. […]

5B Update: Buttress Tooth/Groove Width

API 5B 5.6 & 5.7 REQUIRE BUTTRESS FORM INSPECTION Per API 5B 5.6.4, Buttress Thread Form “shall conform to … the requirements … of tooth thickness or groove width”. TW-6001 Thread Groove Width Gage Inspecting a Part Tooth thickness or groove width is now a required, mandatory element to be inspected for API Buttress threads. Gagemaker’s […]

5B Update: Addendum

API 5B 5.5.2 THREAD ADDENDUM Per API 5B 5.5.2, Thread addendum “shall be measured on round thread.” TA-3002 Thread Addendum Gage Inspecting a Part Thread addendum is now a required, mandatory element to be inspected. Contact us for more info or simply request a quote below!  

Gage Tip of the Month

December 2017

When using a rod standard or gauge blocks to set the “B” dimension (the distance between the shoe and the wear pad) on an MRP® gage, the position of both the shoe and arm are crucial. To ensure proper position when locking an arm, place and hold your finger on the shoe against the standard […]

API Updates

Please choose the specification you would like to learn more about: American Petroleum Institute’s (API) 7-2 Specification for Threading and Gauging of Rotary Shouldered Connections Second Edition, January 2017 This specification governs API 7-2 rotary shouldered connection threads.           American Petroleum Institute’s (API) 5B Specification for Threading, Gauging, and Inspection of […]