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TDWIN™ – Thread Disk Software for Straight Thread DimensionsTDWIN-Logo

The Thread Disk™ engineering software (TDWin™ ) calculates critical dimensions for threads based on ANSI tables and formulas. Thread types supported by the program include: UN, UNJ and UNR Series, Acme, Stub Acme, Stub Acme Modified I and II, Metric M & MJ, 7° X 45° Buttress, and General Purpose Pipe Threads.

To generate critical dimensions instantly, enter basic thread information on the Thread Type Entry screen, such as: thread type, thread class, nominal diameter, and threads per inch. Once the results are computed, tabs at the bottom of the program allow selection of several types of calculated information, including dimensions and tolerances for product threads, ring gages, set plugs, plug gages or Gagemaker’s Thread Diameter gages.

If measuring internal and external shallow taper diameters is a problem, the Ball mic SET DIM Tool provides setting dimensions for ball micrometers or Gagemaker’s BX-1000 groove gage. The program calculates ball mic settings for any tapered surface geometry.

Other features of the program include the ability to print thread dimension reports, providing a paper copy of any calculation. These reports provide the same critical dimensions that display in the program. A multiple calculation window capability is a feature that allows performing several different thread calculation at the same time.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP or higher
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 3 MD of free hard disk space


  • Uses ANSI tables, formulas, and tolerances
  • Calculates standard and non-standard product thread diameters from #000 to 99.8″
  • Calculates ANSI ring and plug gage dimensions
  • Addresses pitches from 1 to 400
  • Calculates Gagemaker style thread gage seting dimensions
User LicensesDescriptionModel
1Thread Disk- Thread Engineering and Calcuation Software, Single User licenseTDWIN
2Thread Disk- Thread Engineering and Calcuation Software, no license agreement requiredTDWIN-2USER
5Thread Disk- Thread Engineering and Calcuation Software, Floating 5 user licenseTDWIN-LIC5
10Thread Disk- Thread Engineering and Calcuation Software, Floating 10 user licenseTDWIN-LIC10
15Thread Disk- Thread Engineering and Calcuation Software, Floating 15 user licenseTDWIN-LIC15

Parameter Input Screen


Thread Geometry Screen


Gage Selection &
Setting Dimension Screen

TDWIN Taper™ -Thread Disk Software for Tapered Thread Dimensions

TDWIN-Taper-LogoGagemaker’s TDWIN Taper™ software simplifies the API specifications that control connection quality. TDWIN Taper produces dimensional drawings and inspection data for API downhole tubular connections based on the most current industry standards. All the necessary details to machine, inspect and document tubular connection threads are available in one convenient program.

TDWIN Taper provides easy access to information for both preferred and non-preferred Rotary Shouldered Connections, Tubing and Casing Connections, and any combination of Crossover. The program offers standard connection types and sizes. TDWIN Taper™ relies on API and industry standard tables and tolerances. It displays connection drawings, inspection gage information, and setup and inspection reports.

The software displays printable drawing suitable for manufacturing. The drawings follw ASME Y14.5 standards for industry compatibility. Print gage setup and inspection reports with your company logo and work order information. The program offeres the choice to save reports and jobs for future references.

Tapered oilfield connection types supported by the program include the following:

Rotary Shouldered Connections

  • Acme Regular
  • Acme Streamline
  • API Numbered Connections
  • API Regular
  • Double Streamline
  • External Flush
  • Full Hole
  • Internal Flush
  • H-90
  • Open Hole
  • PAC
  • Slim Hole
  • Slimline H-90
  • Wide Open
  • Xtra Hole

Tubing and Casing Connections

  • NUE Tubing
  • EUE Tubing
  • Short Thread Casing
  • Long Thread Casing
  • Buttress Casing
  • USS Improved Buttress Tubing
  • Line Pipe
  • Special Clearance Couplings
  • SR13 Seal Ring Groove Couplings


System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP or newer
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Internet Connection for first use
  • 1 MB RAM or more (recommended)
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 minimum
  • .Net Framework 2.0 or later installed


  • Print dimensional reports and inspection sheets
  • Print product blueprints for manufacturing and inspection
  • Provides gages configurations, setting standards, and contact point information
User LicensesDescriptionModel
1Thread Disk for Tapered Threads Software, Single User licenseTDWINTaper

Gagemaker-TDWIN-Taper-Select1. Select Connection Type

Gagemaker-TDWIN-Taper-Pick2. Pick Size & View Drawing

Gagemaker-TDWIN-Taper-Pipe3. Select Pipe End & Review Drawing

Gagemaker-TDWIN-Taper-Gage4. Choose Gage Type

Gagemaker-TDWIN-Taper-Element5. Choose Thread Element

6. Review & Print Inspection Report