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Thread inspection is crucial…

   Accuracy is imperative….

     When 30% of your scrap is due to threading… 

It’s imperative that your team knows how to properly and consistently inspect ALL of the vital thread elements: Thread Form, Lead, Addendum, PItch Diameter, Crest Diameter, Taper, Functional Size, Thread Height, Thread Length, etc.

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Training-4aTrust Gagemaker’s decades of experience to train and certify your staff using current inspection tools and procedures. Gagemaker’s interactive certification classes focus on the how and why of thread inspections. This hands-on approach is vital because using real gages on real parts   guarantees the most effective training experience.

Certification courses are centered on a few basic principles:

  • How to correctly use gages and record readings
  • How to find inspection settings and tolerances
  • What is the importance of each thread element
  • How to meet the specifications of API, ANSI, ASME, ISO, etc.

Individual Thread Inspection Certification

This full day course is packed full of vital information and much time is allocated to handling the gages on actual parts and how to record readings on an official inspection report. At the end of the day, participants are given a blank inspection report and asked to independently do a full inspection of a threaded part. The measurements recorded on this inspection report serve as the “final exam” for the course.

The results are then carefully evaluated to assess their skills and knowledge and ultimately determine their eligibility for certification. Once an individual is deemed certified, they will be issued a Gagemaker Certified Thread Inspector Card. This certification must be renewed every three years as rules and regulations change as well as technology.

Facility Thread Inspection Certification

Training-3It’s beneficial to become a Gagemaker certified facility and gain the confidence of customers and end users. Once a facility has the majority of their quality team certified, Gagemaker will issue a certificate boasting Gagemaker certified thread inspectors are onsite. This is yet another way for your facility to express your commitment to Quality.

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