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Calibration and quality control programs are very much in the spotlight these days as the importance of documenting quality has become imperative to every industry. More and more OEMs demand that suppliers document their quality efforts from start to finish. We encourage companies to examine their calibration programs, identify their weaknesses and improve wherever possible.  We have created a simple how to guide to Design Your Own Calibration Program that we hope will help you determine what works best for your company.


Striking a Balance

Most customers who have a variety of gage types strike a balance in their calibration program by keeping some of the services in-house, contracting some to an independent service and sending the rest to the OEM. The division is determined to a certain extent by cost, but more importantly by the level of instrument accuracy required and the need for specialized calibration.

Set up your own calibration laboratory and perform gage calibration in-house.

Establishing an in-house calibration service represents an investment in facilities, equipment and trained personnel but grants you TOTAL control over all of your calibration process as well as saves you time and money over the long term. The Gagemaker In-House MIC TRAC™ 4000 Series Precision Gage Calibration System enables you to inspect parts, calibrate and track a wide variety of gage styles, including ring and plugs. This innovative high precision metrology system with 1.00″ travel guarantees extremely high accuracies to ±.00005 and a resolution of .00001″ (traceable to the NIST appropriate national standard). This system also enables you to track and maintain gage history as well as produces calibration certificates.

Calibrate certain hand held gages and preset gages in-house.

Employing a versatile bench mounted length measuring system allows you to measure parts, calibrate hand held gages, and preset indicator style gages. The Gagemaker MIC TRAC™ 3000 Series Gage Setting and Part Measurement System sets or zeros most gages with the standard resolution of .00005″, accuracies ranging from ±.0001″ to ±.0004″ (traceable to the NIST), and the digital read out is CE approved. The cost effective Force-Lok feature improves repeatability from operator to operator and is well suited for a variety of environments including the shop floor.

Return gages to the original manufacturer for calibration.

Returning gages to Gagemaker for calibration services ensures the gage is brought back to manufacturer standards. The level of instrument accuracy required, repairs needed, as well as the need for specialized calibration equipment are the most common factors for choosing this route. However, all gages in need of repair must be returned to the OEM to ensure the gage is returned to its original form and remains within warranty. Gagemaker Professional Calibration and Repair Services inspect, calibrate, repair, track and certify gages as well as your in-house dimensional calibration equipment. Beware of unauthorized repair services as they can alter your gage reliability. Ensure a quality calibration or repair with Gagemaker’s its A2LA ISO:17025 accredited laboratory.

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