Pipe Straightness Gages

Gagemaker manufactures gaging equipment for the inspection of tubular goods (the pipes) before or after they are threaded. Many are listed below, but we also offer custom and non-stock/special items. For more information on custom or non-stock items, please contact customer service.

Angular and Parallel Alignment

The Laser Alignment Gage ensures proper angular and parallel alignment during assembly of weld-on connectors. Replacement parts are available.

 Inside DiameterOutside DiameterDescriptionModel
Gagemaker-Laser-Gage-LA-360011"-55" (279.4 - 1397mm)8"-50" (203.2 - 1270 mm)Laser Alignment GageLA-3600



Ovality gages are designed to check the out-of-round condition of tubular goods prior to processing. Gagemaker’s OV-9800 series offers diameter adjustability within a size range. Stabilizing rollers are adjustable for diameter as well as for alignment to the centerline.

Gagemaker-OV-98012" - 6" (50.8 - 152.4 mm)Ovality GageOV-9801Get Quote
Gagemaker-OV-98026" - 10" (152.4 - 254 mm)Ovality GageOV-9802
10" - 14" (254 - 355.6 mm)Ovality GageOV-9803

Pipe Hook or Bend

The Saddle Gage measures the amount of hook or bend at the end of a joint of pipe.

The SG-8001 uses the RC-375 roller contact.

Gagemaker-Saddle-Gage-SG-8001All SizesSaddle gageSG-8001
Gagemaker-RC-375-roller-contact-Replacment 0.375” diameter roller contact RC-375
-Brass bushing for saddle gageSG-8001-BB
-SG-8001 tube assemblySG-8001-TA
-SG-8001 transfer beamSG-8001-TB


Pit Depth


The PD-3000 series of gages inspect the depth of surface pitting on tubular goods. The gage also accepts other types and sizes of contact points for use in other applications, such as groove and thread depth inspection.

Select the PD-3000 gage model based on the type of indicator required.

Select the PD-3000 gage model based on the type of indicator required.

.250" (6.35 mm)StandardPit Depth Gage, AGD #1, 0-100PD-3003
.450" (11.43 mm)StandardPit Depth Gage, AGD #2, 0-100PD-3004
.450" (11.43 mm)Flat BasePit Depth Gage, AGD #2, 0-100PD-3005
.450" (11.43 mm)6″ Long Flat BasePit Depth Gage, AGD #2, 0-100PD-3006
.450" (11.43 mm)6″ Long V BasePit Depth Gage, AGD #2, 0-100PD-3007
Flat-Pit Depth Flat BasePD-3000BF
Flat 6"
(152.4 mm)
Pit Depth Flat Base, 6"PD-3000BF-6
Flat 10"
(254 mm)
Pit Depth Flat Base, 10"PD-3000BF-10
V - Pit Depth V Base PD-3000BV
V 6"
(152.4 mm)
Pit Depth V Base, 6"PD-3000BV-6


The SQ-1600 Squareness gage monitors the alignment of weld-on connectors to the pipe body.

Squareness gages require setting by a qualified standard. The SQ-1630S, our precision calibration square, is strongly recommended for best results. Standard sold separately.


Maximum DiameterReachDescriptionModel
30” (762 mm)30” (762 mm)Squareness GageSQ-1630
36” (914.4 mm)30” (762 mm)Squareness GageSQ-1636
48” (1219.2 mm)30” (762 mm)Squareness GageSQ-1648
--Squareness Gage Standard, 14” X 36” (355.6 x 914.4 mm) SquareSQ-1636S
--Main "H" bar only for the SQ-1630SQ-1630HB
--Main "H" bar only for the SQ-1636SQ-1636HB
--Squareness Gage pt sliderSQ-PT-SLIDE


The SE-1000 Straight Edge gage measures the straightness of well tubing and casing. The gage price includes an SES-1000 Standard. Replacement standards are available.

Gagemaker-Straightness-Gage-SE-200036” – 64” (914.4 - 1625.6 mm )Straight Edge Gage with standardSE-1000
Gagemaker-SES-1000-Standard-Replacement Straight Edge Gage StandardSES-1000