Insert Identification

Gagemaker’s thread insert identifiers easily determine which threading insert the machinist is using. When an optical comparator is unavailable, the insert identifier will show which thread form is on the insert.

Insert identifiers are available for Rotary Shouldered Connections, Tubing & Casing, and Internal ACME and Stub ACME threads.


Thread TypeThread FormTaper per Foot/PitchModel
Rotary Shouldered Connections V-0.032, V-0.038R, V-0.040, V-0.050, V-0.055, V-0.065, & V-0.0761.5″, 2″, & 3″TI-RSC-60
Rotary Shouldered Connections A-0.094, 90-V-0.050, & 90-V-0.0841.25″, 2″, 3″, & 3.373″TI-RSC-90
StraightInternal ACME3P, 3.5P, 4P, 5P, 6P, 8P, 10P, 12P, 14P, & 16PTI-ACME-INT
StraightInternal Stub ACME3P, 3.5P, 4P, 5P, 6P, 8P, 10P, 12P, 14P, & 16PTI-SACME-INT
Tubing & CasingRound, 10 Round, & ¾” and 1” Internal and External Buttress¾” and 1”TI-T&C