Buttress Runout Gages


Thread runout is the measurement of the abruptness with which the buttress thread is terminated at the triangle end of the thread. A rapid pull-out of the cutting tool results in steep slope at the end of the thread. This causes high stress at the contact point when the coupling is made-up.

Buttress runout gages ensure proper thread pullout on runout type threads. Gagemaker buttress runout gages (BR-2000 Series) have standard 1″ and 2″ point spacing. Includes one contact point (TBR) and shoes.


Gage includes two shoes and one TBR contact point.

Thread FormRangeDescriptionModel
ButtressAll SizesButtress Runout GageBR-2001
USS Improved ButtressAll SizesButtress Runout Gage for USS Improved ButtressBR-2001-USS
--Base for Buttress Runout GageBRB-2001
--Replacement Shoes (Set of 2)BRS-2001