Premium Connection Inspection

As drilling requirements become more difficult and as the demand for performance increases, companies respond with new and improved connection designs to meet those customer demands. When companies design new proprietary connections their first call is to Gagemaker to discuss gauging requirements. Over the past several decades, Gagemaker has designed and built gauging solutions that ensure consistent quality of premium connections and have been designed to inspect critical features of proprietary or premium threaded connections. Many of the gages have multiple applications and can be shipped with short lead times.

Most companies that develop proprietary connections rely on Gagemaker’s experience in gage design to provide them with products that control the quality of their products.

The assortment of premium connection gages are not restricted from sale in any way and are available in their standard design formats to be used and modified as necessary to accurately inspect any special connection feature.

Gagemaker also has a special design team that are ready to tackle any problem that you may have and will work with you to design a Custom Gage that will accommodate your own special circumstances.

Confidentiality Statement

Gagemaker maintains confidentiality of all proprietary connection designs through signed agreements. Gagemaker will not provide any quotations nor ship any gages or setting standards to any unauthorized party. Customers doing work for companies that require proprietary gages will be required to submit approval in writing prior to receiving any quotes or gages.

A variety of comparative style thread inspection gages are available for the proprietary market.  We provide gages that will meet your requirements of size range, accuracy, affordability, and delivery.

MRP-1000-on-USS-Buttress-on-back-ground-This MRP® series of pitch diameter gages detects variations in pitch diameter by the use of a gage shoe that rests on the crest of the threads. Variation in diameter is detected by the indicator readout. These gages must be set to nominal size with one of a variety of setting options offered.  All of these gages are API® approved for use on casing and tubing.

Internal (Box) Pitch DiameterGagemaker-IT-5014-RSC-onpart

Gagemaker’s internal diameter and groove gage, IT-5104-RSC measures variation in internal bore diameters. Setting dimensions for the pitch diameter gages are provided by the TDWin Taper software. Gages require setting with a standard or on a MIC TRAC™. Gages are shipped with two 0.144″ diameter contact points (T144) as standard, but other points may be substituted. TDWin Taper software, setting standards, and additional contact points are sold separately.

External (Pin) Pitch DiameterGagemaker-PD-8001-RSC-onpart

The PD-8000 series of ball pitch diameter gages indicate the pitch diameter size of the product’s external thread. The gages are adjustable within a size range and use interchangeable contact points to measure different pitch threads. Gages are shipped with two 0.144″ diameter contact points (T144) as standard, but other points may be substituted. Gages require setting with a standard or on a MIC TRAC™. TDWin Software, setting standards, and additional contact points are sold separately.


These gages are often referred to as box depth or pin length gages. They are designed to measure the linear distance from the face to the shoulder. Some gages are comparative and preset with standards; others are direct read and need no masters. All are available with a variety of tips and contact points.Gagemaker-DG-1000-onPart

Our digital depth gages inspect the location of internal and external shoulders and grooves from the face of the pin and box connections or other datum surfaces. The DG-1000 Series is available with the standard base, a 12″ base, and a 20″ base. These gages are available in ranges: 0”-8”, 0”-12”, 0”-18”, and 0-24″.

The standard gage (DG-1000 Series) is supplied with a 7” extension arm and a 0° and 45° contact point holder for use with any #4-48 threaded contact point (one .072” contact point (T072) supplied unless otherwise requested). Longer extension arms and other contact point configurations and adapters are available upon request. The 12” (DG-1200 Series) and 20” (DG-2000 Series) gages include one double sided blade contact instead of a contact point and a contact point holder.

Digital depth gages do not require a setting standard. The gage is preset to zero on any flat surface and then applied to the product. Actual length measurements display on the gage’s .0005”/.01 mm resolution digital readout. The digital readout easily converts from inches to metric and has an SPC output.

Gagemaker-DG-1008-table0” – 8” (0 mm – 203.2 mm).0005”/.01 mm8" Base Digital Depth GageDG-1008
0” – 12” (0 mm – 304.8 mm).0005”/.01 mm8" Base Digital Depth GageDG-1012
0” – 18” (0 mm – 457.2 mm).0005”/.01 mm8" Base Digital Depth GageDG-1018
0” – 24” (0 mm – 609.6 mm).0005”/.01 mm8" Base Digital Depth GageDG-1024
Gagemaker-DG-1208-table0” – 8” (0 mm – 203.2 mm).0005”/.01 mm12" Base Digital Depth GageDG-1208
0” – 12” (0 mm – 304.8 mm).0005”/.01 mm12" Base Digital Depth GageDG-1212
0” – 18” (0 mm – 457.2 mm).0005”/.01 mm12" Base Digital Depth GageDG-1218
0” – 24” (0 mm – 609.6 mm).0005”/.01 mm12" Base Digital Depth GageDG-1224
0” – 12” (0 mm – 304.8 mm).0005”/.01 mm20" Base Digital Depth GageDG-2012
0” – 18” (0 mm – 457.2 mm).0005”/.01 mm20" Base Digital Depth GageDG-2018
0” – 24” (0 mm – 609.6 mm).0005”/.01 mm20" Base Digital Depth GageDG-2024
Extension Arm-7” Extension ArmDG-1000-R7
Extension Arm-16” Extension ArmDG-1000-R16
Extension Arm-24” Extension ArmDG-1000-R24
Extension Arm/Stabilizer-36” Stabilizer/Extension ArmDG-1000-R36
Base Plate Assembly-DG-1000 Series Base Plate AssemblyDG-1000-BPA
Double Foot-Shoulder Location Double Foot for DG-1208 and DG-1212DG-1212-DF
Double Foot-Shoulder Location Double Foot for DG-1218 and DG-1224DG-1218-DF
Gagemaker-DG-B-812-BladeContactBlade Contact8” & 12”Blade Contact for 8 and 12 inch ranges for DG-1200/2000DG-B-812
Gagemaker-DG-B-1824-BladeContactBlade Contact18” & 24”Blade Contact for 18 and 24 inch ranges for DG-1200/2000DG-B-1824
Gagemaker-DG-DSB-812-DoubleSidedBladeContactDouble Sided Blade Contact8” & 12”Double Sided Blade Contact for 8 and 12 inch range DG-1200/2000DG-DSB-812
Gagemaker-DG-DSB-1824-DoubleSidedBladeContactDouble Sided Blade Contact18” & 24”Double Sided Blade Contact for 18 and 24 inch range DG-1200/2000DG-DSB-1824
Gagemaker-DG-GV-812-GrooveLocatorGroove Locator8” & 12”Groove Locator, .100” thick for DG-1008 and DG-1012DG-GV-812
Gagemaker-DG-GV-1824-GrooveLocatorGroove Locator18” & 24”Groove Locator, .100” thick for DG-1018 and DG-1024DG-GV-1284
Gagemaker-DG-P45-812-ContactPointHolderPoint Holder8” & 12”45° Contact Point Holder for DG-1008 and DG-1012DG-P45-1824
Gagemaker-DG-P45-1824-ContactPointHolderPoint Holder18” & 24”45° Contact Point Holder for DG-1018 and DG-1024DG-P45-1824

Both the TS-1000 and TS-4000 series of gages accurately measure the distance between the primary and secondary torque shoulders on both internal and external threaded connections. Used Gagemaker-TS-1000-on-Thread-backindustry wide to measure the shoulder-to-shoulder distance on premium tool joints and the face-to-seal location on premium couplings, Gagemaker TS gages are also perfectly suited to locate grooves from various datum surfaces.

The TS gages require a setting standard. The gage is preset to the desired dimension and deviation is read from the gage’s dial indicator.

The TS-1000 is supplied with a 6” extension arm, while the TS-1001 has a 10”extension arm. A 45° contact point holder for use with any #4-48 threaded contact point is also supplied. One contact point included, please specify. Higher resolution indicators, longer extension arms, other contact points, and adapters are available upon request.

Gagemaker-TS-1000Any1” – 6”
(25.4 mm – 152.4 mm)
.0005"6”6" base torque shoulder length gage with 6" extension arm and 45° contact point holder TS-1000
Gagemaker-TS-1000Any1” – 6”
(25.4 mm – 152.4 mm)
.0001"6”High resolution 6" base torque shoulder length gage with 6" extension arm and 45° contact point holder TS-1000-1
Any 1” – 6.5”
(25.4 mm – 165.1 mm)
.0005"12”12" base torque shoulder length with 6" extension arm and 45° contact point holder TS-1001
Any 1” – 6.5”
(25.4 mm – 165.1 mm)
.0001"12”High resolution 12" base torque shoulder length gage with 6" extension arm and 45° contact point holder TS-1001-1
Torque-Shoulder-Gage-TS-40002⅜” (60.325 mm) & Larger1” - 5”
(25.4 mm - 127 mm)
.0005"-Torque shoulder length gage, specify taper*TS-4001
2⅜” (60.325 mm) & Larger1” - 9”
(25.4 mm - 228.6 mm)
.0005"-Torque shoulder length gage, specify taper*TS-4002
Gagemaker-TSS-1000-Standard---Setting standard for TS-1000 Series TSS-1000
TSS-4000-Standard---Setting standard for TS-4000TSS-4000

Identifying hooked or bent pipe ends is critical when machining or swedging.  These gages are direct reading and do not require setting masters.  Used in a variety of applications, the most predominant use relates to threading upset end pipe.

The Saddle Gage measures the amount of hook or bend at the end of a joint of pipe.

The SG-8001 uses the RC-375 roller contact. Larger ranges available by special request only.

Gagemaker-Saddle-Gage-SG-8001All SizesSaddle gageSG-8001
Gagemaker-RC-375-roller-contact-Replacment 0.375” diameter roller contact RC-375
-Brass bushing for saddle gageSG-8001-BB
-SG-8001 tube assemblySG-8001-TA
-SG-8001 transfer beamSG-8001-TB


The SQ-1630 Squareness Gage monitors the alignment of weld-on connectors to the pipe body. Requires setting by a qualified standard. The SQ-1630S, our precision calibration square, is strongly recommended for best results. Standard sold separately.

Maximum DiameterReachDescriptionModel
30” (762 mm)30” (762 mm)Squareness GageSQ-1630
36” (914.4 mm)30” (762 mm)Squareness GageSQ-1636
48” (1219.2 mm)30” (762 mm)Squareness GageSQ-1648
--Squareness Gage Standard, 14” X 36” (355.6 x 914.4 mm) SquareSQ-1636S
--Main "H" bar only for the SQ-1630SQ-1630HB
--Main "H" bar only for the SQ-1636SQ-1636HB
--Squareness Gage pt sliderSQ-PT-SLIDE

The SE-1000 Straight Edge Gage measures the straightness of well tubing and casing. The gage price includes an SES-1000 Standard. Replacement standards are available.

Gagemaker-Straightness-Gage-SE-200036” – 64” (914.4 - 1625.6 mm )Straight Edge Gage with standardSE-1000
Gagemaker-SES-1000-Standard-Replacement Straight Edge Gage StandardSES-1000

The Laser Alignment Gage ensures proper angular and parallel alignment during assembly of weld-on connectors. Replacement parts are available upon request.

 Inside DiameterOutside DiameterDescriptionModel
Gagemaker-Laser-Gage-LA-360011"-55" (279.4 - 1397mm)8"-50" (203.2 - 1270 mm)Laser Alignment GageLA-3600

Ensure the integrity of a premium connection’s seal by monitoring metal-to-metal seal interference. Our seal diameter gages accurately check diameter and ovality to guarantee the quality of your product. Gages are available for internal and external seal measurements.

Box Seal Gages

Box Seal gages measure coupling and box seal diameters. Gage must be preset with a standard. For standards, please contact customer service for information.  Our MRP™ style box seal gage uses contact points to inspect critical seal diameters at the back of premium connection boxes.

Pin Nose Gages

The PN-3000 Series of gages inspect critical pin seal diameters on premium connections ranging from 2⅜” – 25½”. Gagemaker pin nose gages provide accurate measurements at the critical sealing point of the pin. The gage also inspects seal tapers with the addition of stand-off plates.

The PN-3000 gages use precision interchangeable contact points that position on the seal at a fixed distance from the connection face. Pin nose gage indicators have resolution of .0005”. Each model covers a specific range of connection sizes, making the PN-3000 gages extremely versatile and economical. Before inspecting parts, these gages must be preset to a nominal predetermined dimension using gage blocks, MIC TRAC™, or frame standards. For additional parts and standoff plates, please click here.

The PN series measure pin nose diameter using contact points. Specify the distance from the face of the connection to the measuring plane and desired contact point diameter when ordering.

PN-3000 Series 30° External Apex Diameter Gages

The PNA model gages measure only the external apex diameter of the connection.PN-3000 Series 30° Internal/External Apex Seal Diameter Gages. The PN-3000 Series 30° Internal/External Apex Seal Diameter gages measure both the internal and external diameters of the apex seal for the connection.

Maximize efficiency of the threading process by ensuring the insert pulled out at the right time on external threads. We manufacture runout gages for both internal and external designs.

The run out gage is a three point gage having two fixed points and one movable point attached to a balanced dial indicator. Accuracy of the gage is verified by zeroing the dial indicator on a flat surface.


Thread runout is the measurement of the abruptness with which the buttress thread is terminated at the triangle end of the thread. A rapid pull-out of the cutting tool results in steep slope at the end of the thread. This causes high stress at the contact point when the coupling is made-up.

Buttress runout gages ensure proper thread pullout on runout type threads. Gagemaker buttress runout gages (BR-2000 Series) have standard 1″ and 2″ point spacing. Includes one contact point (TBR) and shoes.

Gage includes two shoes and one TBR contact point.

Thread FormRangeDescriptionModel
ButtressAll SizesButtress Runout GageBR-2001
USS Improved ButtressAll SizesButtress Runout Gage for USS Improved ButtressBR-2001-USS
--Base for Buttress Runout GageBRB-2001
--Replacement Shoes (Set of 2)BRS-2001

frame-standardsWe manufacture master setting standards of various styles for numerous API as well as premium connections. Setting standards duplicate critical dimensions that are then compared to the machined product. Standards can be as simple as a single diameter or length or can combine diameters, lengths, seal groove locations, tapers, sealing surfaces and thread gauging locations.

Standards are designed round as well as frame style. Setting surfaces may be cylindrical, conical, or flat and tapered.  The choice of style is very much an individual’s decision. All styles are manufactured to the same accuracy and precision.

All standards are put through a methodical process of rough machining, stress relieving, heat treat hardening, surface coating, and finish grinding. The result of the process produces a master size standard with accuracies where required to ±.00025”.

Standards are calibrated and certified with traceability to NIST and come complete with a long form dimensional certificate.

Please Note: Premium connection standards will only be manufactured for companies with the proper permission or complete ownership of the product. Product drawings are required on the company’s title block with an authorized signature. An NDA may be required to protect both parties as proprietary information is often involved.

Contact to discuss your requirements.