Crest Diameter and Ovality Gages – MRP® AIR Carbon Fiber

A Stronger, Lighter, and More Accurate MRP® Crest Diameter Gage… the MRP® AIR


Thirty years ago, Gagemaker introduced the MRP® crest diameter and ovality gage which forever changed the industry. Now, we are redefining the industry again. Our MRP® AIR Crest Diameter Carbon Fiber Gage are stronger, lighter, and MORE ACCURATE than ever. Also, no more damaging rails locking them into place.

Immediately detect the slightest variations in crest diameter or ovality with our precision MRP gages, granting you total control over the quality in your work. Whether you call it Crest Diameter, Pitch Diameter, or Ball PD, this thread element governs the strength of the actual thread assembly and ENSURES API dimensional measurement specs are met. Eliminating the need for a room full of ring and plug gages, the MRP AIR Crest Diameter Gage is the ULTIMATE TOOL to inspect a range of diameters and a wide variety of pipe types.


Features & Benefits

• Measure Both External and Internal Parts with One Gage
• Size range of 2⅜” – 20”
• Avoid Damaging Rails with New Block and Clamping Assembly
• Increased Durability with a Stronger and Sturdier Carbon Fiber Frame
• Reduced Weight Significantly
• Minimized Deflection for Increased Accuracy
• Save Time with Easier Gage Setup

MRP® AIR Crest Diameter and Ovality Gages

This MRP® AIR series of gages detect variations in crest diameter (or pitch diameter) by the use of a gage shoe that rests on the crest of the threads. Variation in diameter is detected by the indicator readout. All of these gages are API approved for use on tubing connections sized 1” – 4½” and casing connections sized 2⅜” – 20”. Setting standard or MIC TRAC Setting device required. For the original MRP Series, go here. Additional accessories or model options may be available.

Metric and high resolution indicators are also available.

External/InternalExternal RangeInternal RangeReachDescriptionModel
External2⅜” – 20”-4.4”External Crest Diameter Carbon Fiber Gage, 4.4” reachMRP-AIR-2001
Internal-2⅜” – 20”4¼”Internal Crest Diameter Carbon Fiber Gage, 4¼” reachMRP-AIR-2002
External/Internal2⅜” – 20”3½” – 20”4¼”Internal/External Crest Diameter Carbon FiberGage, 4¼” reachMRP-AIR-2003

MRP® Setting Standards

MRP® Rod Style Setting Standards

Box (Left) & Pin (Right) MRP® Rod Standards Rod style setting standards are designed to preset MRP® crest diameter gages for accurate inspection of API threaded connections. Each set of standards consists of two precision ground rods that are ground to lengths in accordance with API Specifications 5B. The rod sets are securely attached together and labeled with the connection size and serial number. The rods set the location of the thread shoe and the distance between shoes for accurate inspection of threaded connections.

MRP® Frame Style Setting Standards

Box (Back) & Pin (Front) MRP® Frame StandardsFrame style setting standards are designed to preset the MRP® crest diameter gages for accurate inspection of API threaded connections. These standards consist of a rigid, non-adjustable steel block precision machined to proper size to tolerances of ±.0003″. Round style standards, smaller than 2⅜”, are available as specials (contact us directly for more information).

Tubing Connections Rod & Frame Standards

Connection SizeRod Standard - BoxRod Standard - PinFrame Standard - BoxFrame Standard - Pin
2⅜” MRP5B-238EUE-BMRP5B-238EUE-PFSTD-238E-B2FSTD-238E-P2
2⅞” MRP5B-278EUE-BMRP5B-278EUE-PFSTD-278E-B2FSTD-278E-P2

Connection SizeRod Standard - BoxRod Standard - PinFrame Standard - BoxFrame Standard - Pin
2⅜” MRP5B-238NUE-BMRP5B-238NUE-PFSTD-238N-B2FSTD-238N-P2
2⅞” MRP5B-278NUE-BMRP5B-278NUE-PFSTD-278N-B2FSTD-278N-P2
Casing Connections Rod & Frame Standards

Connection SizeRod Standard - BoxRod Standard - PinFrame Standard - BoxFrame Standard - Pin

Connection SizeRod Standard - BoxRod Standard - PinFrame Standard - BoxFrame Standard - Pin
9⅝”MRP5B-958L-B>P110 or MRP5B-958L-BMRP5B-958L-PFSTD-958L-B2>P110 or FSTD-958L-B2FSTD-958L-P2
20”MRP5B-20L-B>JK55 or MRP5B-20L-BMRP5B-20L-PFSTD-20L-B2>JK55 or FSTD-20L-B2FSTD-20L-P2

Connection SizeRod Standard - BoxRod Standard - PinFrame Standard - BoxFrame Standard - Pin
4½”– 9.50# MRP5B-412S-9-BMRP5B-412B-9-PFSTD-412B-9-B2FSTD-412B-9-P2
4½” – OtherMRP5B-412S-O-BMRP5B-412B-O-PFSTD-412B-O-B2FSTD-412B-O-P2
5” – 11.50# MRP5B-5S-BMRP5B-5S-PFSTD-5S-B2FSTD-5S-P2
5” – OtherMRP5B-5S-O-BMRP5B-5S-O-PFSTD-5S-O-B2FSTD-5S-O-P2
7” – 17.00# MRP5B-7S-17-BMRP5B-7S-17-PFSTD-7S-17-B2FSTD-7S-17-P2
7” – OtherMRP5B-7S-O-BMRP5B-7S-O-PFSTD-7S-O-B2FSTD-7S-O-P2
8⅝” - 24.00#MRP5B-858S-24-BMRP5B-858S-24-PFSTD-858S-24-B2FSTD-858S-24-P2
8⅝” - OtherMRP5B-858S-O-BMRP5B-858S-O-PFSTD-858S-O-B2FSTD-858S-O-P2
9⅝”MRP5B-958S-B>P110 or MRP5B-958S-BMRP5B-958S-PFSTD-958S-B2>P110 or FSTD-958S-B2FSTD-958S-P2
10¾” - 32.75#MRP5B-1034S-32-BMRP5B-1034S-32-PFSTD-1034S-32-B2FSTD-1034S-32-P2
10¾” - OtherMRP5B-1034S-O-B>P110 or MRP5B-1034S-O-BMRP5B-1034S-O-PFSTD-1034S-O-B2>P110 or FSTD-1034S-O-B2FSTD-1034S-O-P2
11¾”MRP5B-1134S-B>P110 or MR5BP-1134S-BMRP5B-1134S-PFSTD-1134S -B2>P110 or FSTD-1134S-B2FSTD-1134S-P2
13⅜”MRP5B-1338S-B>P110 or MRP5B-1338S-BMRP5B-1338S-PFSTD-1338S-B2>P110 or FSTD-1338S-B2FSTD-1338S-P2
20”MRP5B-20S-B>JK55 or MRP5B-20S-BMRP5B-20S-PFSTD-20S-B2>JK55 or FSTD-20S-B2FSTD-20S-P2

MRP® Gage Shoes, Accessories and Replacement Parts

Part TypeGageLengthDescriptionModel
ShoeMRP-202.500”External Thread Shoe, ½” long for MRP-202MRP-.500E
ShoeAll MRP® models.625”External Thread Shoe, ⅝” longMRP-.625E
ShoeAll MRP® models.625”Internal Thread Shoe, ⅝” longMRP-.625I
ShoeAll MRP® models.750”External Thread Shoe, ¾” longMRP-.750
ShoeAll MRP® models.875”Thread Shoe, ⅞” longMRP-.875
ShoeAll MRP® models1.000”Thread Shoe, 1.00” longMRP-1.00
ShoeAll MRP® models1.500”Thread Shoe, 1.50” longMRP-1.50
ShoeAll MRP® models2.250”Thread Shoe, 2.25” longMRP-2.25
ShoeAll MRP® models20 mmMetric Thread Shoe, 20 mm longMRP-20mm
Setting StandAll MRP® models-MRP® gage setting standMRP-GSS
Part TypeCorresponding Gage(s)ResolutionDescription
Block SetMRP-1000 SeriesMRP-1000 series block set for .375" armsMRP-10BL
Lower ArmMRP-1000 SeriesMRP-1000 series lower arm, .375" diameterMRP-10LA
Upper ArmMRP-1000 SeriesMRP-1000 series upper arm, .375" diameterMRP-10UA
KnobMRP-1000 SeriesMRP-1000 knob, shortMRP-10KB-S
Block SetMRP-1000 SeriesMRP-1000 series block set for 0.5” diameter armsMRP-10SBL
KnobMRP-1000 SeriesMRP-1000 knob, longMRP-10KB-L
Spring PlungerMRP-1000 SeriesMRP-1000 series spring plungerMRP-10SP
Wear Pad SetMRP-1000 SeriesMRP-1000 series wear pad setMRP-10WP
Lower ArmMRP-1000 SeriesMRP-1000 series lower arm, .5" diameterMRP-11LA
Upper ArmMRP-1000 SeriesMRP-1000 series upper arm for external/pin connections, .5" diameterMRP-11UA
Upper ArmMRP-1000 SeriesMRP-1000 series upper arm for internal/box connections, .5" diameterMRP-12UA
Block SetMRP-2000 SeriesMRP-2000 series block setMRP-20BL
Arm ClampMRP-2000 SeriesMRP-2000 series arm clampMRP-20BL
Spring PlungerMRP-2000 SeriesMRP-2000 series spring plungerMRP-20SP
KnobMRP-2000 SeriesMRP-2000 series knobMRP-20KB
Wear Pad SetMRP-2000 SeriesMRP-2000 wear pad setMRP-20WP
Wear Pad SetMRP-2000 SeriesMRP-2000 extended wear pad setMRP-20WPEX
RailMRP-2000 SeriesMRP-2000 series 12" cross railMRP-RAIL-12
RailMRP-2000 SeriesMRP-2000 series 18" cross railMRP-RAIL-18
RailMRP-2000 SeriesMRP-2000 series 24" cross railMRP-RAIL-24
Wear Pad SetMRP-3000 SeriesMRP-3000 wear pad setMRP-30WP
Wear Pad SetMRP-3000 SeriesMRP-3000 extended wear pad setMRP-30WPEX