Repair, Return, and Trade-In Policies

Return Policy

Gagemaker requires a 15% restocking fee on all non-defective returns, except for MIC TRACs (either the MT-3000 or MT-4000) which will be charged a 20% restocking fee. Special or Custom Items not listed in our catalog are not returnable.

Returns will be accepted up to 30 days after the date of the invoice. Defective Items must be returned 15 days from date of receipt in order to be eligible for a refund. Notify the sales team ( of the return and ship to: Gagemaker LP, 712 East Southmore Avenue, Pasadena, Texas 77502, USA. When sending in your items, please address the shipment at ‘ATTN: Returns’ with a copy of the purchase order the item(s) we originally ordered on. Please submit your request for a Return.

Guide to Returning for Calibration or Repair

It is always best to return equipment in its original case and packaging.  If you no longer have the original carton or gage case, always package gages securely in a carton and then secure in a second carton.  If the gage has a sliding member, always lock the member in a secure position prior to placing in a carton.  Loose components in a carton will damage the product in shipment and the cost of repair will be more.  Most shipments get turned upside down and often times dropped during shipment, so plan to package for the worst conditions.

Calibration or Repair Request Form

If all of information on the request form is not included, expect a delay in the repair or calibration process.

Trade-In Policy for Dial Indicators

Gagemaker has a “Trade-In Program” for broken dial indicators that meet a certain criteria.  Basically, a customer sends the broken indicator to Houston where Gagemaker can evaluate the damage and determine the most effective and efficient solution.  If the repair can be made in a timely manner, then a quote is issued which outlines the repair cost and estimated turnaround time.  If the repair is extensive, then a quote is issued which outlines a special “trade in” price to replace the indicator with a new one immediately.

Indicator Trade-In Request Form

 Basic Gage Care

  • Keep all unprotected metal surfaces coated with light oil.
  • Avoid dropping the gage or subjecting it to any vibration or impact.
  • Keep the gage dry and away from any machine coolant spray.
  • Do not force the movement of any of the mechanical parts. The mechanics are designed to move freely.
  • Keep the indicator face clean.
  • Never oil the indicator, as the oil will attract dirt and dust