General Terms & Conditions of Sale

Payment Terms

  • For Domestic/USA Orders: Terms are C.O.D. or credit card unless an account is established with Gagemaker. All initial domestic orders require payment prior to shipment. Credit card payment over $10,000 USD will be assessed a 5% processing fee.
  • For All International Orders: Payment terms are bank transfer of funds prior to shipment of product. Once your order is received and reviewed, a Pro Forma invoice will be emailed with Gagemaker’s bank information.  Credit cards are not an acceptable form of payment for international orders.
  • For All Domestic and International Orders:
    • Gagemaker has a set minimum order amount of $50.00 USD. Gagemaker will charge a $10.00 (USD) handling fee for all orders on products invoiced for less than $50.00 (USD).
    • Some orders may require a deposit/partial payment when the order is placed.
    • Special custom orders may require a deposit/partial payment when the order is placed.
    • Quotations are valid for 30 days from date of issue.
    • Returned or stop payment checks will be issued a $50 return check fee and indefinitely be placed on C.O.D. with cashier’s check or credit card only terms.

First time/New Customer Account Requirements

  • If you are a NEW customer, Gagemaker requires the attached registration form to be filled out in its entirety. Failure to provide will result in an order processing delay.
  • Tax Exempt Form completely filled out (if applicable). If not, please let us know that you are not tax exempt.

Shipping Terms    

  • To Avoid Shipping Delays…Please provide the following information with purchase orders:
    • Method of Shipment (forwarder, will call, or specify pre-pay and add)
    • Shipping/Forwarding Company Name if using your company account
    • Account Number
    • End User Country
    • Insurance Requirements
  • If Shipping/Forwarder Information is NOT provided or on file, Gagemaker will arrange shipping and the additional cost will be added to your invoice.

Product Warranty

Gagemaker warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal operating conditions for 12 months from the date of shipment. This warranty is limited to repairing or at Gagemaker’s option replacing any product which is proven to have been defective at the time it was shipped and/or suffered damage during shipping, provided buyer has given Gagemaker written notice of any such claimed defect within 15 days of receipt. Any defective product must be properly packed and shipped to the Gagemaker factory in Pasadena, Texas USA. This warranty applies to all products when used in a normal industrial environment. Any unauthorized tampering, misuse or neglect will make this warranty null and void.  Under no circumstances will Gagemaker or any affiliate have any liabilities for loss or for any indirect or consequential damages. The foregoing warranties are in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Return Policy

  • Gagemaker requires a 15% restocking fee on all non-defective returns, except for MIC TRACs (either the MT-3000 or MT-4000) which will be charged a 20% restocking fee. Items not listed in our catalog are not returnable.
  • Returns will be accepted up to 30 days after the date of the invoice. Please go to to find instructions and please following instructions accordingly.

Click here for Repair and Return requests.