Thread Form Profiles

Picture1Thread form accuracy is important if two connections are to make-up properly.  Using a Thread Profile Gage is a quick way to check your threads for proper form and pitch.

Thread form is defined as its profile in an axial plane for a length of one pitch.  Simply place the correct form into the threads and by shining a light behind the profile, it’s possible to detect any signs or symptoms of a chipped insert.  A profile template that stands too far out of the threads or allows excess light to shine through can be an indication of lead error.  Sweeping the profile template along the helix of the threads helps find burrs and debris.  Profile gages can also be used to detect steps, flat crested threads, stretched threads, wide first threads, or rolled over threads.

Verifying thread form is a highly recommended practice industry wide for both straight and tapered thread manufacturers.

Straight Thread Form Profile Gages

Gagemaker manufactures precision straight thread profile gages for quick identification of a straight thread form (ANSI, ISO, etc.). Specify thread type and pitch to be inspected when ordering. Special form profiles are available.

Order Example: TP-UNVI-2P, TP-UNVE-4P, TP-SA-8P, etc.

Thread FormExternal/InternalDescriptionModel
ACMEExternal/Internal External/Internal general purpose ACME thread form profile gageTP-GPA-__P
ISO MetricExternalExternal ISO Metric series thread form profile gageTP-ME-__P
ISO MetricInternalInternal ISO Metric series thread form profile gageTP-MI-__P
Stub ACMEExternal/Internal External/Internal Stub ACME thread form profile gageTP-SA-__P
Stub ACME Modified - 1External/Internal External/Internal Stub ACME Modified 1 thread form profile gageTP-SAM1-__P
Stub ACME Modified - 2External/Internal External/Internal Stub ACME Modified 2 thread form profile gageTP-SAM2-__P
UN SeriesExternalExternal UN series thread form profile gageTP-UNVE-__P
UN SeriesInternalInternal UN series thread form profile gageTP-UNVI-__P
7 X 45 ButtressExternal/Internal External/Internal 7° x 45° Buttress thread form profile gageTP-745-__P


Tapered Thread Form Profile Gages

Inspecting with a
JSS Rotary Shouldered Connection
Thread Form Profile

Gagemaker manufactures precision tapered thread profile gages for the quick identification thread for identification for both Rotary Shouldered Connections and Tubing & Casing. When ordering, specify the connection to be inspected. Special profiles will be quoted upon request.

Connection TypeConnection SizeTPITPFThread FormModel
Hughes External Flush2⅜” - 2⅞”62”V-0.032TP-6-2-32
API Full Hole4”42”V-0.038RTP-4-2-38
API Numbered Connections #23 - #50 42”V-0.038RTP-4-2-38
Double Streamline3½” - 5½”42”V-0.038RTP-4-2-38
Hughes External Flush3½” - 4½” 42”V-0.038RTP-4-2-38
Hughes Xtra Hole2⅞” - 5” 42”V-0.038RTP-4-2-38
Hughes Slim Hole2⅜” - 4½” 42”V-0.038RTP-4-2-38
Internal Flush2⅜” - 6⅝”42”V-0.038RTP-4-2-38
Wide Open2⅜" - 4½" 42”V-0.038RTP-4-2-38
API Numbered Connections #56 - #8443”V-0.038RTP-4-3-38
API Full Hole2⅞”, 3½”, & 4½”53”V-0.040TP-5-3-40
API Regular2⅜” - 4½”53”V-0.040TP-5-3-40
API Regular6⅝”42”V-0.050TP-4-2-50
API Full Hole5½” & 6⅝”42”V-0.050TP-4-2-50
API Regular5½”, 7⅝”, & 8⅝”43”V-0.050TP-4-3-50
API Numbered Connections#10, #12, #13, & #16 61.5”V-0.055TP-6-1.5-55
API Regular (Macaroni Tubing)1” - 1.5”61.5”V-0.055TP-6-1.5-55
P.A.C. Connections2⅜” - 3½”41.5”V-0.076TP-4-1.5-76
American Open Hole2⅜” - 4½” 41.5”V-0.076TP-4-1.5-76
Hughes H-903½” - 6⅝” 3.52”90-V-0.050TP-3.5-2-50
Hughes H-907” - 8⅝” 3.53”90-V-0.050TP-3.5-3-50
Hughes Slimline H-902⅜” - 3½” 31.25”90-V-0.084TP-3-1.25-84
Connection TypeExternal/InternalTPITPFThread FormDescriptionModel
API 8-Round Casing, Tubing & Drill PipeExternal/Internal8¾”8 RoundExternal/Internal API 8 Round thread form profile gageTP-RTC-8R
API 10-Round TubingExternal/Internal10¾”10 RoundExternal/Internal API 10 Round thread form profile gageTP-RTC-10R
8V API Line PipeExternal/Internal8¾”8 V ThreadExternal/Internal 8V Line Pipe thread form profile gageTP-8V
11½ V API Line PipeExternal/Internal11½¾”11½ V ThreadExternal/Internal 11½V Line Pipe thread form profile gageTP-11-1/2V
4½” - 13⅜” API Buttress CasingExternal5¾”API ButtressExternal 4½” - 13⅜” API Buttress Casing thread form profile gageTP-5BTC75-EXT
4½” - 13⅜” API Buttress CasingInternal5¾”API ButtressInternal 4½” - 13⅜” API Buttress Casing thread form profile gageTP-5BTC75-INT
16” - 20” API Buttress CasingExternal51”API ButtressExternal 16” - 20” API Buttress Casing thread form profile gageTP-5BTC1-EXT
16” - 20” API Buttress CasingInternal51”API ButtressInternal 16” - 20” API Buttress Casing thread form profile gageTP-5BTC1-INT

Other Form Profiles

Gagemaker also manufactures precision form profile gages for NPT Threads as well as Tool Grinding and Setting Gages for 60° and 90° threads. When ordering, specify the connection to be inspected. Special profiles will be quoted upon request.

Thread FormTPITPFThread FormDescriptionModel
NPT Threads8¾"NPTExternal/Internal NPT thread form profile gageTP-NPT-8
NPT Threads11.5¾"NPTExternal/Internal NPT thread form profile gageTP-NPT-11-1/2
NPT Threads14¾"NPTExternal/Internal NPT thread form profile gageTP-NPT-14
60° & 90° Threads--60° & 90° Threads60° & 90° Threads Tool Grinding & Setting GageTP--9060LS

Thread Form Profile Overlays

Overlay charts for profiles are available. For more information, please contact customer service.
Special overlays are also available. For special overlays, please specify the following:

  1. 1. Screen Size
  2. 2. Magnification 20X/50X
  3. 3. Product Form or Profile Template