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Level 1

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About the Course

The Level 1 Rotary Shouldered Connections JSS®Thread Inspection class teaches the proper techniques required to successfully perform any API 7-2, 5 DP and 7-1 mandated thread inspections. With specific focus on thread form, lead, pitch diameter, taper, thread height and standoff, our unique hands-on approach guarantees the most effective training experience.

At the end of the day, participants are asked to inspect a part on their own and this final inspection serves as a test which evaluates their skills and knowledge for certification. Gagemaker will have all of the necessary gages, standards, and sample parts to use during the hands-on portion of this class. Class size is limited to 10 participants and the class is completed in one full day. Basic course materials include a Gagemaker Thread Inspection Participant Workbook, instructional Gagemaker posters and a certificate of completion. A Gagemaker Certification card is awarded to those who qualify and will be mailed out within a few weeks of course completion.

Course Objectives

After completing a hands-on training course, you will be able to:

  • Identify rotary shouldered thread forms.
  • Define the parts of a thread including: crest, root, pitch line, stab flank, load flank and included angle.
  • Define the thread elements including thread form, lead, pitch diameter, taper, thread height, standoff and thread length.
  • Interpret thread callouts on a product blueprint.
  • Select and use proper gages for inspection of thread elements on a product to obtain accurate readings.
  • Preset gages to size before inspection.
  • Document inspection results.
  • Maintain and properly store gages for future use.

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