Water Well

Water-WellWhether you’re drilling a single dwelling residential water well or a large municipal or commercial water well, a top priority is properly inspecting the drill stem and well casing to prevent surface water from entering the well or hole cave-ins. A common failure in water wells is caused by improper interference during the make-up of the connecting joints of the pipe. On threaded and coupled joints accurately manufactured threads are imperative.

To ensure your connections are thoroughly inspected to withstand a variety of service loads, Gagemaker’s JSS® Thread Inspection Systems use precision gages to inspect threaded connections and identify any potential problems before the drill stem or casing is placed in a well. JSS is a comprehensive inspection method developed by Gagemaker to accurately gauge the quality of a connection through inspecting the critical attributes of a thread, including thread form, pitch diameter, crest diameter, thread lead, thread height, and thread taper.

The Gagemaker JSS Thread Inspection Systems will pinpoint thread errors that could lead to connection failure and as a result save you money and lost hours in downtime by allowing you to accurately inspect all critical thread elements. Contact us to discuss what systems are best suited for your needs.