Gage Tip of the Month

November 2018

For buttress casing, API requires certain inspections that can align with Gagemaker’s recommended best practices. Do a 1st article full inspection, including using an optical comparator and corresponding overlay, at least once per shift / per machine setup based on your QMS program.  During full production runs, use the corresponding groove width Go/No Go gage […]


June 2018 Gage Report

July 4th Holiday Closing July 4th Closing In celebration of Independence Day and to give our employees time to celebrate with their families, Gagemaker will be closed Wednesday, July 4, 2018. We will be open Monday and Tuesday, July 2-3, 2017 and will reopen Thursday, July 5, 2018 under our normal hours. Gagemaker wishes everyone […]

Gage Tip of the Month

June 2018

For your buttress connections to be compliant under the 16th edition of the API 5B, you must inspect run-out. When inspecting buttress run-out with a Gagemaker BR-2001, inspectors often question where to place the contact point on the thread. Now, the new API 5B Section specifies the location of the inspection point. When the […]

5B Update: Buttress Tooth/Groove Width

API 5B 5.6 & 5.7 REQUIRE BUTTRESS FORM INSPECTION Per API 5B 5.6.4, Buttress Thread Form “shall conform to … the requirements … of tooth thickness or groove width”. TW-6001 Thread Groove Width Gage Inspecting a Part Tooth thickness or groove width is now a required, mandatory element to be inspected for API Buttress threads. Gagemaker’s […]

Gage Tip of the Month

June 2017

Tired of measuring Buttress Thread groove widths using old Go/No Go gages or by hauling mold samples to an optical comparator? As an easier alternative, Gagemaker now provides a gage to directly measure tooth width easily wherever the part is. The TW-6001 gage comes equipped with a .0005″ reading indicator to inspect those groove widths […]

Tubing & Casing Thread Inspection Training

About the Course The Level 1 Tubing & Casing JSS® Thread Inspection class teaches the proper techniques required to successfully perform any API 5B mandated thread inspection. With specific focus on thread form, lead, addendum, crest diameter, taper and thread height, our unique hands-on approach guarantees the most effective training experience. At the end of […]


Replace Rings & Plug Gages…    Save Time and Money with Better Accuracy…       Cover a Wide Range of Diameters and Thread Types… Gagemaker’s JSS® Thread Inspection System for ACME, ANSI & ISO Metric. Today’s dynamic manufacturing environment overwhelms old “GO/NO GO” methods and only our Straight Thread Inspection System consistently goes above and beyond. An […]