Gage Tip of the Month

August 2018

To avoid erroneous readings and unnecessary calculations, start your taper inspection from the smaller diameter, and progress towards the larger diameters. For internal threads, measure the first interval closest to the back of box. For external threads, measure the first interval closest to the pin’s nose. For example, if the reverse procedure is followed on […]

5B Update: New TDWin Taper

TDWIN TAPER THREAD SOFTWARE UPGRADE NOW AVAILABLE Due to the recent publications of API 5B Sixteenth Edition and API 7-2 Second Edition, Gagemaker has released TDWIN Taper 2.0 upgrade. Gagemaker’s TDWIN Taper™ software simplifies the API specifications that control connection quality with All the necessary details to machine, inspect and document tubular connection threads. Features: […]

Thread Form Profiles

Thread form accuracy is important if two connections are to make-up properly.  Using a Thread Profile Gage is a quick way to check your threads for proper form and pitch. Thread form is defined as its profile in an axial plane for a length of one pitch.  Simply place the correct form into the threads and by […]

Crest Diameter and Ovality Gages – MRP®

Thirty years ago, Gagemaker introduced the MRP® crest diameter and ovality gage which forever changed the industry. Today, the MRP® series of gages is the industry standard worldwide. Whether you call it Crest Diameter, Root Diameter, or Ball PD, Pitch Diameter governs the strength of the actual thread assembly and ensures API dimensional measurement specs […]