January 2018 Gage Report

NEW API 5B RELEASED! New Inspection Requirements During the holidays, API released the Sixteenth edition of the 5B Specification for Threading, Gauging, and Inspection of Casing, Tubing, and Line Pipe Threads. The effective date for the Sixteenth Edition of the 5B Specification is July 1st. The new specification has major changes that you need to […]

Gage Tip of the Month

April 2016

Typically, if an internal threaded part is cut too large (too much material removed during threading), it ends up being rejected or scrapped. Because API RSC threads are tapered, moving the shoulder back makes the “over-sized” thread essentially “smaller.” When cutting/inspecting an internal API box rotary shouldered connection, it is not necessary to scrap the […]

Thread Software Quote

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Pitch Diameter

Pitch diameter is perhaps the most important element with regards to whether two parts will screw together. Pitch diameter is the distance from the pitchline to the corresponding pitchline located 180 degrees around. All threads have a pitch diameter whether they are a straight or tapered thread. However, some threads’ pitch diameters are actually measured […]

Pitch Diameter Gages – Tapered

Pitch Diameter for Tapered Threads Now, operators are able to inspect both new and used pipe threads using precision Pitch Diameter Gages that allow them to pinpoint early signs of stress, perform preventative maintenance, and extend the life of their drill string connections. By measuring the pitch diameters, the operators can directly control the connection’s […]

Thread Form Profiles

Thread form accuracy is important if two connections are to make-up properly.  Using a Thread Profile Gage is a quick way to check your threads for proper form and pitch. Thread form is defined as its profile in an axial plane for a length of one pitch.  Simply place the correct form into the threads and by […]