January 2018 Gage Report

NEW API 5B RELEASED! New Inspection Requirements During the holidays, API released the Sixteenth edition of the 5B Specification for Threading, Gauging, and Inspection of Casing, Tubing, and Line Pipe Threads. The effective date for the Sixteenth Edition of the 5B Specification is July 1st. The new specification has major changes that you need to […]


June 2016 Gage Report

Strengthen Your Quality System     A solid straight thread inspection system (ACME, UN, Metric Threads, etc.) should measure all of the vital thread attributes – Functional Thread Size, Pitch Diameter, Lead, Height, and Form. By properly inspecting threads, you will minimize process error, verify exact mating and interchangeability and ultimately guarantee your quality. Gagemaker […]

Tubing & Casing Thread Inspection Training

About the Course The Level 1 Tubing & Casing JSS® Thread Inspection class teaches the proper techniques required to successfully perform any API 5B mandated thread inspection. With specific focus on thread form, lead, addendum, crest diameter, taper and thread height, our unique hands-on approach guarantees the most effective training experience. At the end of […]

Mud Motor Power Section

Prevent Stalls…    Reduce Costly Trips Downhole…       Ensure Stronger Joint Connections…           Maintain Consistent Power for Longer Periods of Time…   Gagemaker’s JSS® Thread Inspection System for Mud Motors is a collection of systems that will help you inspect your mud motor from end to end.  Drilling faster without stalls […]


Gagemaker produces videos to aid and educate people on thread inspection and quality control. Here are a few  of our more general videos:   You can view all of our videos on Gagemaker’s Youtube channel. If you are unable to view our YouTube channel, please contact us directly.