March 2018 Gage Report


Ovality & Standoff Calculator

The release of API’s Sixteenth Edition of the 5B Specification created questions for many of you. Well, Gagemaker has a new FREE tool to help you.

Crest diameter and thread ovality are new inspection requirements. Gagemaker’s MRP® and MRP AIR® Gages inspect crest diameter and ovality on 5B threads.

Not only is ovality inspection required, it also determines your allowable standoff. Rather than use a cumbersome formula or fumble through the spec for an incomplete chart, simply use our handy MRP Spec 5B App to calculate average crest diameter, ovality and allowable standoff. It also provides you with the max ovality allowed based on your selected connection.

The free MRP Spec 5B app is a must have for any 5B threader. It makes inspecting so easy. Simply download from Google Play, Apple App Store, or the Microsoft Store.

After choosing your thread, simply plug in your MRP readings or the crest diameter if you know it and hit “Calculate”. The app will provide not only the results but will let you know if you are within tolerance.

Currently, the app only provides calculations for pins (external) consistent with the published 5B. Future updates will include crest diameter and ovality calculations for couplings, and eventually when the spec allows, coupling standoff.

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Getting closer… OTC 2018

Less than 2 months…  

Can you believe it? The Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, TX is right around the corner.

Stop by Booth # 8453 in the NRG Arena to check out some of our new products, software, mobile apps, and learn more about our the new API 7-2 and API 5B.

Visit OTC 2018 to register and we’ll see you there!

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We’re ISO/IEC 17025 Certified!


A2LA Certified

In October, Gagemaker was recognized by A2LA as an accredited laboratory for ISO/IEC 17025:2005.Everyone here at Gagemaker had a part in the certification effort. But it took a lot of hard work and dedication from our quality team to really get this done and we’d like to congratulate them on a job well done. Special thanks to Roger, John, Ted, Hugo, Stephen, Guillermo, and Howard! Great job!

We hope our future certifications are run so smoothly.

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