December 2016

While a certified Gagemaker setting standard is the preferred practice for Straight Threads, in a pinch,  you can use gage blocks to set a two-point Gagemaker lead gage without a proper standard.

Create a gage block stack-up for the necessary interval then place between the points. Hold the face of the stackup against the fixed contact point, then sweep up/down and left/right to find the smallest value so that you can zero your gage.gagemaker-lg-6001-set-gage-block

To find the proper dimensions of the stack-up, subtract the diameter of the contact point* from the interval to be inspected.

For example, on an 8 TPI thread using T072 points inspected on a 1″ interval, you would subtract .072″ (diameter of the T072) from 1″ and make the resulting dimension (.928″).
Or simply:

Interval – Point Diameter = Stack-up Dimension
1.00″ – 0.072″ = 0.928″

*Generally, our contact point model number provides the diameter, e.g. T072 is 0.072″ in diameter.