5B Update: MIC TRAC

API 7.1.11 NOW ALLOWS A MIC TRAC™ FOR REQUIRED GAGE SETTING API 5B 6.1.1, 6.1.2, and 6.15 now requires a manufacturer to have a specific crest diameter setting standard for each size and type of threaded product produced. With 7.1.11 (c) (2), a MIC TRAC Gage Setting System is an accepted method for setting your […]


March 2017 Gage Report

Share the Love: Caring for Your Gages A Little Love Goes a Long Way Extend the life of your gages and maintain the highest quality with just a little gage care. Taking care o f your  measurement tools will ensure that they stay at their best for the longest time. Here are a few simple […]


October 2016 Gage Report

Time to Calibrate! Should You Ship Out or Keep In? Save Time, Money, and Aspirin! During this year’s IMTS in September, we had a great turnout and even better response to our already popular MIC TRAC™ calibration systems – not to mention our MIC 360™ In-Process Diameter Measurement Gage, more on that soon! With increasing […]

Gage Tip of the Month

October 2016

It is good practice to quickly verify repeatability on a MIC TRAC™ 3000 at frequent intervals between calibration periods. This simple verification process involves zeroing the MIC TRAC using TF-1F fixtures (anvils). This procedure will ensure the unit repeats to a resolution of 0.0001″ or better. Simply use the Coarse Adjust Knob to open and […]


August 2016 Gage Report

Come See the MIC 360 in Action! The MIC 360™ In-Process Diameter Measurement Gage is an in-process gaging system that measures any large diameter from 8″ to virtually any diameter you can manufacture! It doesn’t require a standard… one person can easily operate…measurements are captured electronically…it repeats with extremely high accuracy…and this is all done with […]

Gage Tip of the Month

July 2016

Achieve fast repeatability and reproduceability between operators by utilizing t wo TF-1F and two TF-SV MIC TRAC™ fixtures for setting ball mics and certain indicator style gages. Set the MIC TRAC to the desired setting distance and adjust the gage accordingly. Properly install a TF-SV on each TF-1F. Then, set the gage’s contact points into […]

Gagemaker Professional Calibration & Repair Services

We Inspect, Calibrate, Repair, Track and Certify Gages and Calibration Equipment ISO 17025:2017 Accredited Laboratory featuring a Sophisticated Climate Control System Regulating Temperature and Humidity Gagemaker Replacement Parts and Equipment Ensure Top Performance Established Procedures and Traceable Reference Standards to SI via NIST Gagemaker Dedicated Professionals Set the Standard for Excellence in Service and Quality […]

Precision Gage Calibration Systems – MIC TRAC™ 4000

Establishing an in-house calibration service represents an investment in facilities, equipment and trained personnel but grants you TOTAL control over all of your calibration process as well as saves you time and money over the long term. The Gagemaker In-House MIC TRAC™ 4000 Series Precision Gage Calibration System enables you to inspect parts, calibrate and […]

Gage Setting and Part Measurement Systems – MIC TRAC 3000

Employing a versatile bench mounted length measuring system allows you to measure parts, calibrate hand held gages, and preset indicator style gages.  The Gagemaker Shop Floor MIC TRAC™ Gage Setting and Part Measurement System (MT-3000 Series) sets or zeros most gages with the standard resolution of .00005″, accuracies ranging from ±.0001″ to ±.0004″ (traceable to […]


    Gagemaker develops and manufactures innovative precision mechanical inspection equipment for the Oilfield, Automotive and General Machining industries.  Recognized as the leading provider of Engineering Software, Tapered & Straight Thread Measurement;  API Products,  Tubing and Casing Gages, as well as Calibration Software & Equipment, Gagemaker products are used in countless facilities around the world.  […]