October 2016

It is good practice to quickly verify repeatability on a MIC TRAC™ 3000 at frequent intervals between calibration periods.

MT-3000 with TF-1F anvils together at 0.00000

This simple verification process involves zeroing the MIC TRAC using TF-1F fixtures (anvils). This procedure will ensure the unit repeats to a resolution of 0.0001″ or better.

Short Distance Between TF-1Fs (anvils)
MT-3000 Anvils Back at 0.00000

Simply use the Coarse Adjust Knob to open and close the anvils a short distance and check that they show .00000″ when brought back together. Do this at least three times with consistent force* to confirm you are repeating .00000″. Finally, move the carrier all the way to the end of track and bring it back to zero. If it repeats, you should be good to go!

MT-3000 Repeatability Verification Process

*This is more easily achieved with the Force-Lok™ option added to an MT-3000.