October 2016 Gage Report

Time to Calibrate!
Should You Ship Out or Keep In?


Save Time, Money, and Aspirin!

During this year’s IMTS in September, we had a great turnout and even better response to our already popular MIC TRAC™ calibration systems – not to mention our MIC 360™ In-Process Diameter Measurement Gage, more on that soon!

With increasing demands and expenses on calibration, many shops are moving toward some level of in-house calibration. Most companies use various gages and tools that need calibrating, setting, and zeroing; and calibration can be a costly enterprise no matter if it’s kept in or sent out. Historically, calibration caused multiple headaches from tracking, scheduling, shipping, and instrument downtime. Gagemaker can provide you with the products and information you need to help you minimize or avoid those costly headaches by finding the right calibration mix for your company.

mt-4000-with-cert-screen-added-merged-and-edited-moreThe first piece of equipment you evaluate> when moving to in-house calibration is a MIC TRAC™ 4000 (MT-4000) In-house Precision Calibration System. Essentially, an MT-4000™ is an adjustable electronic measurement master….. but it’s more than that. Not only can you calibrate, you can inspect parts , track gages, and save/print readouts, reports, certificates, and re-cal stickers.  We offer several sizes up to 60″ (1.5 m) that have accuracies to .00002″ (.508 µ ) traceable to the NIST – thanks to an ultra-precision scale with 1.00″ travel and 0.00001″ resolution. Our versatile, cost effective and easy-to-use MT-4000 calibration system produces accurate, repeatable, reproducible results that you can trust.

Just like all other Gagemaker products, this system is customizable, allowing you to create your own plan, as complex or as simple as you want.  We offer a huge variety of accessories for unmatched versatility in measurement capabilities as well as detailed calibration procedures for your lab documentation. Gagemaker will also custom design fixtures for your special equipment or needs.gagemaker-tdwin-logo

Our TDWIN™ thread calculation software is included with the MT-4000 as well. On its own, this powerful tool is quite a value as it calculates critical dimensions for threads and provides some gage setting dimensions. Paired with the MT-4000, you can use it to calibrate rings and plugs.

MT-3000 & DRO with assorted gages

Don’t fret. If you want to do gage setting with or without some calibration, we have a system for you too. Our durable and reliable MT-3000™ Gage Setting and Part Measurement System can be stationed anywhere from the shop floor to a calibration lab so you can set your gages, measure parts, and even do some limited calibrations. Check out which MT-3000 System is right for you!


Still not sure? Try our easy MT-4000 Return on Investment Calculator to help you with your decision.
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JSS™ Straight Thread Inspection Overview